Work Sessions on PAC-14?

Debbie Campbell

Terry Cohen and Debbie Campbell over the years have called for City Council work sessions to be shown on PAC-14. Now that they are in charge there will be no need for any other programming on PAC-14 as 8 Hour City Council work sessions will take care of that.

Terry Cohen

Not only will Terry Cohen be City Council President, City Solicitor, City Administrator, City Clerk, Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Director of Public Works, she will also be the General Manager of PAC-14. We can slash the budget by eliminating all of these positions because Terry Cohen has the ability to do them all.


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Kathy Day Memorial Service Set for June 4th

Kathy Day Memorial Service

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A Great Night at the Salisbury Festival

It was certainly a beautiful Friday night for the Salisbury Festival. SAM.I.AM truly enjoyed himself and plans to enjoy the Beer Tasting on Saturday afternoon.

A sharp eye and keen sense of smell is required when people such as the Delmar Douche are on the loose.


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Moron Warning

Moron Warning!

The Moron Index

The events from this week have prompted us to issue a Moron Warning on Tim Spies. This individual is closely approaching official Moronic Status with his attack on the Adams, having head so far up Debbie Campbell’s ass that Bob Taylor is getting uncomfortable and G. A. Harrison is getting jealous. What about Bill Campbell you ask, well his relaxation techniques from the products he purchases on Maryland Ave, according to sources close the situation, have him cool with sharing, free love and all, you know.

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Tim Spies Getting Off To A Good Start….

Tim Spies

Sarah Lake struck out again with horrible reporting and using Jim Ireton as a witness about people making faces is hypocrisy at it’s best. A more credible witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, has informed SAM. I. AM. that Mr. Ireton’s assessment of the situation is a bit off.

The following is a synopsis of the incident from a several witnesses that were in attendance: In regards to anyone able to observe if someone was making faces at someone, let’s take a look at the placement of people who were in attendance at the meeting. Ireton was seated in the Council President’s chair, and yes would have had a general view of the entire room, however he was focused on the task at hand. Tim Spies was seated off to the left and would have had a limited view of the council room to his right, specifically the window side of the room.

Kris Adams was seated somewhere in the middle of the room, slightly to Tim’s right and he may have been able to see her. Kris Adams’ daughter, according to witnesses who were sitting near her, claim she was sitting on the back row in the corner of the room, slightly out Tim Spies’ view. It would have been difficult for Tim to catch her facial expressions.

Fumdumbed, a commenter on the DT article stated, “I was present at the City Council re-organization meeting and to be fair, this isn’t what I recall happening. I was speaking with a friend of mine and we happened to be standing near this exchange between Mr. Spies and the Adams’. As I recall, Ms. Adams shook Mr. Spies hand and I was admittedly in shock when I heard him ask Ms. Adams if her daughter suffered from a medical condition (a neurological disorder that I will not restate as it might offend certain individuals) to which Ms Adams responded by introducing Tim to her daughter. They (Tim and Adams’ daughter) shook hands but I found both parties behavior odd in that the handshake continued for the duration of their conversation. At this point, I believe Tim asked the daughter the same question on the basis that she was making odd faces at him. I guess Ms. Adams thought that this was threatening? Idk…but it’s not exactly what I would consider ‘News’ ”

OCJules stated in the comments section, ” What kind of arrogance does it take for a public servant to lash out at any tax paying citizen like this? How disgusting….. and then for the Mayor to make a public statement attacking entire family of Salisbury. God help us!”

Jim Ireton

Ireton claims he witnessed the incident.  “The Adams’ family has a history of aggressive behavior with elected officials,” he said in a written statement. “I watched the family heckle and make faces at Councilman Spies. This behavior is par for the course.”

From the Mayor who makes faces at and rolls his eyes at Council Members and sighs in disgust when they talk, is very hypocritical. Ireton has been observed threatening, wagging his finger and yelling Kris Adams, Louise Smith and others. He has a history of being aggressive to citizens and business owners.


Links to this incident:

Right Coast

Salisbury Grinch

Delusions of Grandeur

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April 2011 Moron Award

Gollum A. Harrison is the winner!

G. A. Harrison April 2011

A tumultuous year for Gollum, from totalling his vehicle on a suspended license, to the truth about his residency coming out, and the election loss (not getting on the Republican Central Committee). He wins the DMVIEWS Moron Award for having his head so far up Joe Albero’s cornhole, he would have been a shoo-in at the Cornhole Competition at Pork in the Park this year. 

This also about the post he wrote defending Joe and going after Sheriff Lewis and State’s Attorney Matt Maciarello for cutting off Albero for inside information. It certainly has been a rough month for Joe and SBYNEWS, their credibility has been shot, Granny Wechsler has been on the attack and people are starting to wake up to the fact that whatever power Joe had it is quickly slipping away.

Gollum A. Harrison - Senior Editor

His grip on G.A. Harrison’s soul is the mystery. What could he possibly have on G.A. that would make that man defend Joe like Joe was his little Third Grade Girlfriend?

So, here’s to you Gollum for being a Moron with your head stuck up Albero’s cornhole. We say to you, grow a pair and become your own man. Don’t continue to hang on to the coveted SBYNEWS Editorial Board position you hold, it is essentially a worthless title.


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Commentary on the Moron Award

The Moron Index

Coming up is the DMVIEWS Moron Award for April 2011. It was no easy task and there were several others in the running such as Tim Spies, Tim Spies’ campaign manager, and the Trio of Jim Ireton, Debbie Campbell and Terry Cohen for their discussion that invoked the Landing of Martians. However, Ireton actually scored some points here at DMVIEWS with that comment. Debbie and Terry delved into the Moron status with their 50 minute filibuster on the Harbor Pointe issue. Then there is the Citizens of Salisbury as whole who failed to get out and vote and actually put Tim Spies in office.

After evaluating things, it is neither of those people, not saying they do not deserve the coveted status of being called a Moron because they do. This was a dark horse, one that has drifted towards Moronic status for a while but had been fairly quiet until last week when he shot to the top of the list.


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