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Upcoming Salisbury City Council Work Session a wish list for Campbellites & Cohenites

Boss Cohen

Salisbury, MD: Now that City Council President Terry Cohen has finally got an agenda in on time, it has given SAM I AM enough time to properly review the agenda for the the Work Session on July 5th, 2011.

As it appears, the items on here are the issues that get Camdenites excited and are regular topics at Camden Neighborhood Association meetings.

4:30 p.m. Follow-up on Ethics Ordinance – Council/Paul Wilber.

  • Ethics has always been an issue for Terry. She was the subject of an ethics hearing over a year ago.
  • Maybe the requirement that Brenda Colegrove attend Camden Neighborhood Association meeting should be discussed.

5:00 p.m. Follow-up on Tenants’ Rights Addendum – Council/Paul Wilber

  • Still trying to figure out the purpose of this and why Landlords should be required to provide this. The website addresses are so long it is ridiculous.

Debbie Campbell

5:30 p.m. Follow-up on Towing Ordinances – Council/Paul Wilber

  • Hopefully this will get resolved with some common sense.

5:55 p.m. BREAK (Debbie and Terry are providing cool-aid.
6:05 p.m. Code change to 5.22.270 Cable Television Franchise Fee (PAC14) – Pam Oland

  • This is an issue that needs to be left alone. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. If Jim vetoes this we will remove all negative images of him from this site.

6:15 p.m. Audit rebid – Pam Oland
6:25 p.m. Park and Flea Lease Agreement with Urban Salisbury – Pam Oland
6:35 p.m. Constituent Handicap Parking Request – Pam Oland
6:45 p.m. CDBG Revised Action Plan Consensus Request – Terry Cohen/Council

  • SAM I AM is going on record that these idiots have no clue what they are doing. “Let’s tell the Church Street and other minority areas in the city to go to hell because only Camden matters.” – alleged CNA bylaws.

6:55 p.m. Continuing discussion on Council Rules of Order – Council

  • Renamed Boss Cohen’s rules of order….


Moron Warning!

7:25 p.m. General discussion/upcoming agendas

  • Tim wants to know if Brenda Colgrove needs to be present when he visits Debbie’s house.

7:30 p.m. Adjourn


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A Great Night at the Salisbury Festival

It was certainly a beautiful Friday night for the Salisbury Festival. SAM.I.AM truly enjoyed himself and plans to enjoy the Beer Tasting on Saturday afternoon.

A sharp eye and keen sense of smell is required when people such as the Delmar Douche are on the loose.


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Tim Spies Getting Off To A Good Start….

Tim Spies

Sarah Lake struck out again with horrible reporting and using Jim Ireton as a witness about people making faces is hypocrisy at it’s best. A more credible witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, has informed SAM. I. AM. that Mr. Ireton’s assessment of the situation is a bit off.

The following is a synopsis of the incident from a several witnesses that were in attendance: In regards to anyone able to observe if someone was making faces at someone, let’s take a look at the placement of people who were in attendance at the meeting. Ireton was seated in the Council President’s chair, and yes would have had a general view of the entire room, however he was focused on the task at hand. Tim Spies was seated off to the left and would have had a limited view of the council room to his right, specifically the window side of the room.

Kris Adams was seated somewhere in the middle of the room, slightly to Tim’s right and he may have been able to see her. Kris Adams’ daughter, according to witnesses who were sitting near her, claim she was sitting on the back row in the corner of the room, slightly out Tim Spies’ view. It would have been difficult for Tim to catch her facial expressions.

Fumdumbed, a commenter on the DT article stated, “I was present at the City Council re-organization meeting and to be fair, this isn’t what I recall happening. I was speaking with a friend of mine and we happened to be standing near this exchange between Mr. Spies and the Adams’. As I recall, Ms. Adams shook Mr. Spies hand and I was admittedly in shock when I heard him ask Ms. Adams if her daughter suffered from a medical condition (a neurological disorder that I will not restate as it might offend certain individuals) to which Ms Adams responded by introducing Tim to her daughter. They (Tim and Adams’ daughter) shook hands but I found both parties behavior odd in that the handshake continued for the duration of their conversation. At this point, I believe Tim asked the daughter the same question on the basis that she was making odd faces at him. I guess Ms. Adams thought that this was threatening? Idk…but it’s not exactly what I would consider ‘News’ ”

OCJules stated in the comments section, ” What kind of arrogance does it take for a public servant to lash out at any tax paying citizen like this? How disgusting….. and then for the Mayor to make a public statement attacking entire family of Salisbury. God help us!”

Jim Ireton

Ireton claims he witnessed the incident.  “The Adams’ family has a history of aggressive behavior with elected officials,” he said in a written statement. “I watched the family heckle and make faces at Councilman Spies. This behavior is par for the course.”

From the Mayor who makes faces at and rolls his eyes at Council Members and sighs in disgust when they talk, is very hypocritical. Ireton has been observed threatening, wagging his finger and yelling Kris Adams, Louise Smith and others. He has a history of being aggressive to citizens and business owners.


Links to this incident:

Right Coast

Salisbury Grinch

Delusions of Grandeur

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Where the $$$ Comes From – Only Swartz Is On It

Apparently Michael Swartz is the only one willing and truly analytical enough to properly handle the City Council Campaign Financials. However, Swartz did win the award for Political Quote of the Week:

“And a note to Tim Spies: this time when you cite my information, print the whole thing.”

In the classic Swartz style, few have the ability in the blogging world to properly put words together that make sense. Swartz gets across his feelings and his sense of humor in only the way he can do it.

So to Swartz, HERE, HERE!


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>Disappointment and the Red Tide

>As a large financial Contributor to Frank Kratovil’s campaign, disappointment does not express the mood the Wizard has been in lately. The Red Tide has cast a blue shadow over the Wizard’s heart.

Andy Harris was a horrible candidate for the Republican Party and people must have had to hold their noses from the stench when they voted for him. How can those people sleep at night after sending an egotistical idiot like that to Washington? They might as well have sent Albero to Congress.

At least Uncle Norm got through and is controlling the purse strings. Just give us our Highway User funds back so Pollitt can fix the damn roads and quit whining about the Revenue Cap.

Six Republicans on the Wicomico County Council resembled a nightmare the Wizard had this past summer, maybe it was vision. Worst of all Stevie Prettyman got re-elected, Tramp Stamp and all on the old hag. If the Wizard had realized that, he would have seen to it the Boat Building Pirate from Nanticoke had the funds to crush her. Maybe Gail Bartkovich will have a wild sex party celebration over Holidays after this big victory.

Even worse than Tramp Stamp Stevie (TSS from now on) getting re-elected is the Lower Shore Slime Ball slithering in to Annapolis, yes folks Mayor and Deputy Mike McDermott is your new Delegate for 38B. Congratulations you bunch of dumb ass idiots.

As far as the Governor’s race, well the Wizard couldn’t bring himself to vote for O’Malley or Ehrlich and did it ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ style voting and ended up going Green shouting “Run Ralph Run” (nostalgia from Nader presidential runs for you young folks).

Since the Wizard spent the election season working hard on Frank Kratovil’s campaign, which is why he was not posting on the blogosphere, he will now spend his time calling out stupidity where he sees it. Look out Albero, G.A., Ireton, Harris, McDermott, TSS, Mathias, Colburn, Seth Mitchell, Joe Collins, Salisbury City Council (minus Comegys who is a great guy and benefactor of my contributions) and the rest of the idiots that think they know it all. Albero’s wrath is nothing compared to the Wizard’s……. you have been warned.

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>April/May 2010 Mr. Wu Award Winner: Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton

In an unprecedented moment in the history of the Mr. Wu Award (Delmarva Views Version) Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton wins back to back Mr. Wu Awards for April and May of 2010.

Jim’s bumbling and stumbling as the Mayor of Salisbury is increasingly becoming an embarrassment to the City of Salisbury. His failure to appoint a fire chief and police chief is increasingly showing his inability to make a decision. His refusal to work with business owners to help improve the quality of living and to fight crime shows that he truly is a “Cocksuckah” and not just literally.

So Mayor Ireton, roll on down to West Main St., fire up some stogies with Albero and proudly enjoy your double winning of the Mr. Wu Award, you Cocksuckah!

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>The New Library – Looking to the Future

>Forward looking individuals is what we need in leadership now. The proposal from the Friends of the Library are people just like that, those that look to the future. Swapping the parking lot on the corner of 13 & 50 with the existing Library Building is good deal for the city. It is a perfect solution for building a much needed new library.

The current Library is located in the old Armory building. It has been retrofitted and remodeled however they have out grown this building. The main concern for a Library is the consideration of the weight of all the books and care in setting the standards for construction are paramount. Building a modern Library from the ground up is the best solution.

As we look to create an environment in the Downtown Corridor, a new state of the art Library will continue to draw thousands of people to the Salisbury. Input from the citizens and business community is necessary in this process and we encourage everyone to get involved in the process.

Here is the link to yesterday’s Daily Time’s Article

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